This month: Rest and recovery, website updates, evacuation planning, training workshops, a gear review (!), and links to our latest articles.
This month: New year, new website, new business design, new training workshops and new weekly articles.
A behind-the-scenes look at the newly overhauled Spartan9 website.
This month: An end of year review and a preview of what's in store for 2023.
This month: Short trip to South Korea, China unrest, Field Guide updates, evacuation planning workshops, and five new crisis management articles.
This month: Travel to southern Thailand, contingency planning, photography exhibition, Street_Satchel field testing, and five new crisis management…
This month: Preparing for dangerous times, photography exhibition, Street_Satchel prototyping, and four new crisis management articles.
This is The S9 Dispatch, providing monthly updates from the team at Spartan9.
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The S9 Dispatch